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  Jiangxi Jiangwu Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. (JTCC for short), founded in August 28,2006, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary by Jiangxi Rare Earth and Rare Metals Tungsten Group Co., Ltd. (JXTC for short), it’s registered capital is RMB four hundred million whole(?400,000,000.00). The company is located in JingAn Industrial Zone, Jiangxi Province, China, which known as the beautiful scenery and the natural oxygen, covered an area of 373 acres; It is also 70 kilometers from the provincial capital Nanchang of the convenient transportation and direct “Chang Cu high speed”.

  JTCC is one of the most important strategic development enterprises in JXTC, which develop from “deep processing of tungsten resources to deep processing of tungsten products”. It plans to build an annual production of 3000 tons of high-performance carbide products and the total investment is RMB 770 million. The whole project is divided into two phase construction, including construction investment RMB 490 million. The first project invested RMB 187 million, which started construction in November 2006 and put into trial production in November 2007 in order to pull through carbide production lines, the production capacity of carbide up to 1700tons/year; The second project is CNC coating blade which started construction in July 2010, and the annual production capacity has reached 10 million pieces in 2013. Thereby, JXTC completed the transformation and upgrading and successfully entered the national high-tech enterprises in 2012. The company rely on the industrial base advantage of the group’s complete tungsten industry chain supporting: it has the highest-quality wolframite (the national silver products) and scheelite (the national gold medal products), in addition, it is also an international leader in tungsten smelting technology, Especially in cooperation with top H.C. Starck company in Germany on the field of refractory metal in the world about tungsten products processing technology, it entered into the world leading level and ensured the back-end carbide production who possess the world-class high-quality raw materials supply. Through the trial of H.C. Starck company in Germany local tungsten carbide powder as raw material, cemented carbide product performance index can be optimization increased more than 50%, and it will also expand the range of varieties specifications of hard alloy products, the quality level of the hard alloy products over 15 years. JXCC respond positively to JTXC the call “science and technology promoting enterprises”, according to the trend of industry development, in cooperation with H.C. Starck company technology strategy has achieved initial success. It began to implement the project to promote the construction of 50 million pieces CNC project in 2014.

  JXCC has a young and strong researching and developing team with abundant technology. At present, there are 372 people in company, including production and R&D personnel 279 people, college degree or above 120 people, 7 master and 2 doctors. The company has a product development and testing center, which provide strong technical support for company development, with many years of efforts, R&D center achieved outstanding results in research and development, which obtained 31 authorized patents. including 12 the invention patent, 19 the utility model patent, Among them:《the key technology research and development and industrialization of super fine grain cemented carbide and numerical control coating blade》has won the funds support of RMB 30 million in national Ministry of industry, development and Reform Commission;《High proportion of hard alloy》project has won the national special funds RMB 50.99 million;《Development and research of high performance cemented carbide inserts and special profiles》has won the three prize of China nonferrous metal industry science and technology;《Hard alloy R & D and industrialization》listed in the national high-tech industry development plan;《waste coating carbide recycling technology》listed in the "National Science and technology support project".

  JTCC specialized in manufacturing, developing & sales of cemented carbide, grade power and other products with high-performance. Our products: There are six major categories and 85 grades about 7540 kinds of hard alloy products, Among them: the commercial mixture with a total of 40 kinds of specifications, standard welding cutting blade a total of 3000 kinds of specifications, NC (coating) blade with a total of 2500 kinds of specifications, extrusion and molding profile with a total of 1100 kinds of specifications, geological tools ball teeth altogether with 400 kinds of specifications, drawing dies and non-standard specific parts with a total of 500 kinds of specifications.

  The high performance cemented carbide project of JTCC belongs to the high and new technology industry. High starting point, advanced technology, safe, reliable, low energy consumption and no pollution, in line with the national industrial policy and the key support industry on the direction of development in Jiangxi Province. We should catch the commanding heights of high-end hard alloy products, aim at world-class, take the innovation driven development path, and strive to 3 - 5 years of time to reach 5000 tons / year hard alloy production capacity, including: 2000 tons of ultra fine grained steel production capacity, 1500 tons of high performance mineral alloy, 1000 tons of roll top hammer production capacity, 50 million pieces (500 tons) of NC coated blade. The annual revenue reached RMB 5000 millions and taxes reached RMB 750 millions. High-end Production, R&D capabilities and the comprehensive strength of JTCC has entered into China's top second, which become a leader of the transformation and development of the tungsten industry in Jiangxi.


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