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General Manager Speech of JTCC



 General manager of the company Guo yongzhong



  JTCC is one of the most important strategic development enterprise in JXTC, which develop from “deep processing of tungsten resources to deep processing of tungsten products”;It is the specialized production base and scientific research platform of the tungsten industry,It plans to build an annual production of 3000 tons of high-performance carbide products and the production capacity of carbide has reached 1700tons/year; including production capacity of high-end products - CNC coated blade reached 10 millions pieces / year. 

  In recent years, JTCC exert the industrial advantages of hundred years, Through innovation driven directly into the high-end industrial chain, making the hard alloy project in the short term to form the scale of development, high-tech leading development trend, showing the strong development potential.

  The first is high starting point positioning. Products of JTCC have been involved in various application areas, popular with customers, and the market is very optimistic. At present, there are six major categories, 55 grades of 6269 kinds of specification in the products. There are 20 major brands, more than 500 specifications in high-end CNC blade coating industry, matched with the brand, production reached about 2000 different blade varieties, some brands have reached or exceeded the best brand level, and compared favorably with the Japanese Sumitomo and Mitsubishi brand products even close to the world's top Sandvik, Kenner brand product level. Domestic well-known enterprises, such as Sany Heavy Industry, Dalian shipbuilding, The second automotlve manufacture, Jiangling Group trial Part CNC blade. The results showed that the product performance, life expectancy and other indicators more than similar products in Japan, the comprehensive price has been in the leading domestic level.

  The second is high efficiency and standard. High performance cemented carbide project is completed in one year and turn into mass production and sales in two years, Since then the product output and main revenue growth year after year. The products output of cemented carbide up to 312 tons in 2011, the main revenue is RMB 101 million, the company move into a profitable mode. The company has completed 664.2 tons product output, an increase of 8.9% in 2015; The annual operating income reached RMB 200 million, an increase of 9.1%. Especially the CNC blade coating project, its short construction period and fast production standards has hit a miracle in the province and the domestic industry. The company declared the project in 2010, successfully pulled through production line in 2011 and achieved the mass production in 2012. That year the production reached 2.77 million pieces and achieved RMB 1.41 million profit; The production reached 6.01 million pieces in 2015 and became the first achieve the size of production and sales of CNC coated carbide.

  Prospecting future, we always around the spirit of "firm belief, not afraid of difficulties, pragmatic, innovative, harmonious development", adhere to the idea of "to sincere, to good, to fine, to beauty", keep the guideline of "character create a business, develop market with high quality products", adhere to the direction of "the right strategy, innovation culture, unique brand, scientific mode, team learning, excellent customers", advocate the culture of "Public identity, Public participation Public achievement, Public sharing", careful make "Jiangxi tungsten alloy tool, pursue the development goals of "creating well-known brand, become one of the strong enterprises".

  Inheriting the cause of predecessors and opening up the future of the road. As the saying goes, “Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron”, promoting careers, as the saying goes, “With firm strides we are crossing its summit”. We are willing to cooperate with home and abroad, mutual benefits and double wins, create a better future!

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