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Management of human-oriented, enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises!

Since the beginning of JXTC, it always adheres to the management concept of "people-oriented", and make it become the key to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

Open the channel to invite the talent.

JTCC actively expand the channels to invite the talent, take the all-round way of "two-step strategy, multi-channel" to attract talent. First, entering    all kinds of senior talent market, attracting various talents required by enterprises. Second, entering higher colleges and participating in personnel dialogue activities in higher education and negotiating, communicating with university personnel for two-way choice. In addition, through international cooperation, the establishment of headhunting, talent website and other channels to attract talent.

Let go of the talents, realize the rational allocation of the employee.

JTCC adhere to the principle of "Talented people are the first to consider, the wise are the second to consider, the ability of the people in the middle, there is a credit to the human habitat", establish the “four-level” mechanism of "cadres can take a lower as well as a higher post, employees can enter or exit, the institution can be set up or withdraw, incomes can rise or fall". Through designing the career development plan for staff, combined with the institution of performance evaluation, education training, job rotation exercise to create a environment of good use talents and the benign competition and incentive mechanism.

Cultivate talents and carry out the plan of joint development.

JTCC has formed perfect three training management system; establish pre-job training, on-the-job training, full-time training and self development in one of the all-round, multi-level training system; take part in domestic and international training learning combination of talent development. At the same time, it also provides a platform for the cultivation of talents in Colleges and universities, which enables the employees to grow together with the enterprise.

Create the environment to stay, to maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises.

JTCC promote the retention policy of "feelings, career, treatment, culture". Such as leaders regularly condolences, building homes of the workers, experts floor, building good staff restaurant, photography, calligraphy and organizing weekend theater style competitions to enhance the staff to enterprise's identity and keep people with emotion; help staff to design the occupation career development planning and implementation, people have a career and sense of achievement pride, resulting in a sense of responsibility and a sense of belonging of “I’m proud of enterprises, enterprises decline I shame”, to keep people stay in business; continue the reform of the salary system, the implementation of paid vacation, full insurance, lifting the talent of" worries", to keep people in treatment; continue to strengthen enterprise culture construction, adhere to the" people-oriented "management philosophy, to keep people in culture.

Strengthen the system innovation, and the system innovation as employ talent, cultivate talents, retain talent with guarantee.

JTCC established about 20 items institution of《human resources management approach》,《staff promotion implementation details》, 《the staff education and training management approach》, 《the staff performance appraisal management approach》, and combined with enterprise development regularly improvement and innovation in the system, with the system as guarantee to attracting talent, using talent, cultivate talent and retain talent.

All rivers run into sea, let the Dragon flies; thousands of boat racing, renqunying scrambling.

Talent concept of JXTC will continue to promote the healthy and rapid development of enterprises.

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