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Corporate Culture

Staff characteristics: 

Having a mind, a vision, a thought, a character

Mind: As vast as the grassland (mind how wide, career how wide)

Vision: As high as the eagle (ascend a height and enjoy a distant

view, take serious matters easily generally and take easy matters seriously tactically.)

Thinking: As gallop as the horse (the advanced thought, the concept of innovation)

Character: As noble as hada (spotless and flawless, openly and sincerely)

Commitment to work: 

Don’t delay the work assigned by the leadership;

Don’t make mistakes in working;

Don't occur the unwholesome tendencies here;

Don't allow to say disunity words here;

Must strictly implement the company's decision;

Don’t block the things that we can be do it;

Don’t damage the company's image here;

Don't shift the uncoordinated behavior each other here;

Don’t let out the matter at the meeting.

Don't false reports, work procrastination here.


To all staff of the company:

You are an employee of the company, the company gives you a stage.

You're in a promising business. The company gives you a chance.

You participate in a magnificent work, the company will give you a role.

You take on a big responsibility, the company gives you a fulcrum.

How do you create a sincere, good, pure and beauty life?


Ten mutually encouraging words:

Groups take harmony for prosperity;

Maintaining constant effort as rule;

Health medicine lies in cautious diet;

The dispute takes forgiveness for gist;

Young and old of love as Virtue;

Learning takes hard-working as a starter;

Treating people with sincerity as the cornerstone;

Getting along with others in humility as courtesy;

Doing anything should be independent, not to be idle;

Interacting with people and dealing with things need to be cautious.

Corporate culture motto:

Sincerity, performance, innovation

Do something for society

Do something for yourself

Do something for others

To sincere, To good, To fine, To beauty

Public identity, Public participation

Public achievement, Public sharing

The role of corporate culture:

The construction of enterprise culture is closely related to enterprise development, which is the soul of enterprise development, is related to the future and destiny of the enterprises, is an important part of the strategic plan for the development of enterprises,it reflects a spirit of committing to material production, a philosophy of enterprise management and a life attitude of self transcendence.


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